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Animal Law

Animal Law

JNC Advocates incorporates Animal Law in its Specializations, an area of practice which stands out as unique and little known. Animal Law includes a very broad area and cuts across on tort (tort negligence), crime (animal cruelty and neglect) and public law with an intention with an intention of safeguarding animal welfare.

At JNC Advocates we herald this area of law and believe that the same should be given the much deserved weight and seriousness it so deserves yes Animals have rights too. Overview of animal Law cases could include; dogs or wild animal attacks whereas a civil suit in demand of compensation may arise, a criminal charge related to handling of an animal or a case of professional malpractice or negligence in the veterinary profession or perhaps even family tug of war as to ownership of a pet in the case of separation or divorce.

At JNC Advocates attend to both individual clientele and relevant organizations in matters pertaining to the same Animal Law. Apart from litigation and research, we undertake legal advisory in regards to the necessary certification so as to ensure compliance for pet owners.

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