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Anti-trust and Competition

Anti-trust and Competition

JNC Advocates staff and industry experts use sophisticated economic modelling tools and methodologies to analyze a variety of issues that often arise in antitrust cases. We evaluate the likely effects of proposed mergers and acquisitions on prices, costs, and competition and assist both defendants and plaintiffs in antitrust litigation, including cases involving issues such as price fixing, predatory pricing, bundling, and various forms of allegedly exclusionary conduct. We guide clients in the estimation of lost profits or damages from elevated prices and output restrictions. JNC Advocates Market Outlook Unit provides insights for top executives seeking to perform complex merger simulations evaluate merger-related efficiencies and assess the ease and likelihood of entry.

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JNC Advocates prides itself in its unmatched ability to provide sound consultancy in regards to legal research & analysis. We also offer commissioned insights on existing laws, expert guidance in compliance, enforcement and implementation of Legal directives.

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