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Alternative Dispute Resolution...

Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADR refers to the processes for resolving disputes other than litigation. Through arbitration, a third-party neutral renders a decision based on the merits of the case. JNC Advocates offers this private process of dispute resolution which is often times confidential, expeditious, flexible and affordable. We leverage relationships to navigate through legal, political and commercial disputes by extending in arbitration forums locally and internationally. Our team has a keen knowledge of rules—written and unwritten—that governs arbitration proceedings under civil law, common law, international treaties and public international law. JNC Advocates has the capacity and to guide through the arbitration hearing and post-arbitration enforcement to recognition of the award.

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JNC Advocates prides itself in its unmatched ability to provide sound consultancy in regards to legal research & analysis. We also offer commissioned insights on existing laws, expert guidance in compliance, enforcement and implementation of Legal directives.

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