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Commercial Law

Commercial Law

JNC Advocates has expert capabilities in helping financial institutions with the challenges posed by changing regulatory requirements, evolving complex financial instruments, and volatile market conditions. We work with our financial institution clients on both litigation and business projects, helping them to quantify exposure, assess risks, and manage increasing data flows. We offer legal services to senior creditors, Boards of Directors, and top management teams guiding credit and lending, accounting, finance, deal structuring, economics. We also offer solvency and insolvency assessments both for companies facing bankruptcy proceedings and for entities securing financing. This capacity places us in a good position to advice on buyouts, mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring.

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JNC Advocates prides itself in its unmatched ability to provide sound consultancy in regards to legal research & analysis. We also offer commissioned insights on existing laws, expert guidance in compliance, enforcement and implementation of Legal directives.

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