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Energy and Extractive Industri...

Energy and Extractive Industries

JNC Advocates has a deep knowledge of Africa’s energy and extractive industries legal and regulatory processes. We conduct detailed studies on issues related to extraction policies and laws, competition, pricing, and the impact of political risk. Our strength lies within our teams of experts with backgrounds in Natural Resource Governance, Geological Engineering, Mining Law and Political Economy of developing countries.

We can support clients with interests in extraction, transportation, purchase/ sales of hydro carbon/ crude oil products, natural gas, refined products, chemicals, coal, electric power and minerals. We bring a strong local but internationally refined approach when handling negotiations, arbitrations/ litigation on licencing; pricing and power purchase agreement disputes, valuation matters, environmental safety and corporate social responsibility arrangements.

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JNC Advocates prides itself in its unmatched ability to provide sound consultancy in regards to legal research & analysis. We also offer commissioned insights on existing laws, expert guidance in compliance, enforcement and implementation of Legal directives.

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